Friday, 19 August 2011


For sale parts for Waja 1.6

Headlamp Bosch Original @ rm230 (per Side)
TailLamp Bosch Original @ rm90(per Side)
FogLamp Bosch Original @ rm180( per side)
Waja Local door handle- rm14 per piece
front lower arm original rm110 per side
front absorber link rm60 per side
Waja coloured door handle- according to ur original colour-rm35
Waja auto gear knob -rm300 if its broken or spring patah Original Proton
Exedy made in Japan clutch kit set for Waja 1.6-rm230
Brake Pad. Bendix Metal King Titanium rm110(front), rm95(rear)
Brake Pad- front Bosch rm55 ( 1 pair)
Brake Pad- rear Bosch rm50( 1 pair)
CPS whole meter-auto rm455
CPS whole meter-manual rm440
Air con outlet (360 one) original rm95. if cheaper ones, got accessory shop got sell
Waja original proton power window motor- front, rear rm110 per side
Waja Timing belt Gates-rm130 (full warranty 100,000km)
Timing Belt Dayco(Europe)-rm150-100,000km
Bosch timing belt kit set rm110- complete set foc bosch air con filter
Add air-con, fan belt dayco made in Europe rm50
Waja 1.6 top overhaul set Original Proton rm365 (many fakes out there)
Waja 1.6 overhaul set Original Proton rm415 (many fakes out there)
Waja 1.6 front wheel bearings rm42(per side)SKF Brand + oil seal rm4,
this brand better than Koyo or NSK or NTN, go to Welcome to - n see for urself
rear wheel bearings rm115(per side)
Waja 1.6 throttle body-rm770 Original Proton
Petrol tank original rm800
Waja 1.6 fuel pump rm380 Original Proton
Waja 1.6 brake master pump. with abs rm430, without abs rm340 original proton/
Waja 1.6 brake booster rm385 Original Proton
Waja 1.6 steering (with 2 buttons complete) Original Proton rm400
Waja 1.6 emergency switch( 5 butang one) rm135 new campro type can fit in old mitsubishi one, old mitsubishi rm150 from proton kilang
Waja 1.6 power window switch main rm125 brown colour, grey colour rm160. if same factory as original rm100
Door lock inside front-rm185 original proton
Door lock inside rear-rm155
Waja 1.6 wiper link rm75 original proton
Waja 1.6 wiper switch rm78
Waja 1.6 wiper motor-Original Proton rm250
Engine mounting 1.6 (auto/manual) total rm280 4cps.. Original proton
APM coil spring normal size-front rm85, rear rm70 per side
Waja 1.6 original driveshaft rm300 whole batang per side
Waja 1.6 bonnet Original Proton (grey)-rm270, add nose rm26
Waja 1.6 fender/mudguard front Original Proton rm92 per side (grey)
Waja fender cover/protector local- rm25 per piece
Waja 1.6 Bumper Bracket- front rm70 local
Air filter box top rm25 ori proton
Air filter box bottom rm60 ori proton
Computer Box rm5,500- full payment required update. bank into me
Waja 1.6 sunvisor ori proton rm75 per side
Waja 1.6 front Bumper Original Proton rm140
Waja 1.6 rear Bumper Original Proton-rm140
Waja 1.6 rear sensor Original Proton0-rm51
Sachs front absorber rm130 per side
Sachs rear absorber rm70 per side
Waja absorber mountings Original Proton rm90, rm50 local per side
Waja Central Lock front rm185 per side, back rm155 per side Original Proton
Waja window glass rubber rm35 per side
Waja Glove Box Handle rm52Proton, rm26 local
Waja Air-con Blower- please let me know Denso/ Patco--
Waja Bosch wiperblade-rm22
Waja headlamp bulb H1 Osram- rm7
Waja fog lamp bulb h3 rm8
Osram T10 bulb rm2.50 each for small bulb
Waja 1.6 Bosch air filter rm15
Waja 1.6 bosch fuel filter rm18
Waja GMB water pump-rm70
Bosch Super 4 FR78X rm42 per box, Bosch Platinum Plus rm57 for 4 pcs,
Bardahl oil treatment,1 can- rm13
Bosch Dot4 Brake Fluid 1 litre-rm20
Mitsubishi Diaqueen ATf oil 4 litres rm110
Proton original ATF fluid 1 litre-rm22 per litre

Dont provide any installation
Refer to list for price

Jalan Ipoh-daytime
Contact : 012-2908159


  1. bosch headlamo angkat 2 biji kasi murah le, yg ni gelas jenis apa, cristal glass, atau campuran plastic atau apa?

  2. I cari seat waja compro/waja cps.boleh tak sesiapa yg jual atau swap kalau jual kereta.please help hp number 0122623593

  3. Bos.sterinng rack waja brp...harga

  4. Still jual brg2 waja lagi ke bos?

  5. salam..
    cooling coil waja xde pun?
    bape hengget ek?